May 7, 2024

Enclare: The Road from Hard-Boiled Eggs to Household Supplements

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Enclare: The Road from Hard-Boiled Eggs to Household Supplements

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Imagine starting with a simple product listing on Amazon, one that sells years later, and being so inspired you decide to start your own business. Imagine the chance you took in that moment brought you great success and has allowed you to experience every moment of your son’s life. For Sylvia Chimhina, that's not just imagination—it's reality. 

I wish other people knew that they could do what they wanted to do

From Boiled Eggs to eCommerce Tycoon

Sylvia’s entrepreneurial drive was evident at the young age of 3, when she began selling boiled eggs to students at her father’s boarding school. This early venture was just the beginning of a lifelong passion for sales and innovation. 

After moving to the United States for college, Sylvia entered the world of healthcare. This came by way of health insurance technology and pharmaceuticals marketing. Her talent was immediately recognized as she climbed the ranks to become Head of Strategic Operations. The success was there, but she realized she didn’t want to hold just one job. She wanted it all, to oversee business end to end. 

Sylvia’s true calling in eCommerce beckoned when an old Amazon listing surprisingly sold. This small success sparked a desire to dive full-time into eCommerce, a decision supported by a desire for the freedom to raise her son. 

Sylvia and her son, Ethan

Behind the Brand

The impetus for Enclare was as personal as it gets. Struggling with severe health issues that left her bedridden, Sylvia gained weight from necessary steroid treatments. Her recovery journey led her to discover a supplement that helped her regain her health. It was a light bulb moment.

From her time in health insurance, Sylvia remembered that more people die from weight-related health issues than car accidents in the United States. She had the power to help here. Thus, her company began, not just as a business, but as a mission to offer hope and health solutions to those who felt helpless against their physical limitations. 

Soon after, Ruwaa, Enclare’s sub-brand, was born! Sylvia’s son, Ethan, was allergic to nearly everything growing up. Truly, for the first two years of his life, the only thing he could keep down was soy milk. There had to be some other source of nutrition for children like Ethan. Once again, a member of Sylvia’s family was the walking inspiration for a brand. This branch of Enclare serves to provide probiotic and vitamin gummies to children. 

Enter Onramp: The Drive for Comprehensive Support

Onramp is understanding and will proactively strategize with you. Instead of accusatory remarks, you can expect “Let’s work through that and figure it out"

Facing the solitary challenges of entrepreneurship after the loss of her silent partner, Sylvia knew she needed a supportive financial ally, someone to arm her with the capital to grow at the pace she knew she could. Traditional funding methods left her feeling isolated and under pressure. 

Enter Onramp, whose approach to growth-oriented funding presented a new reality. Their understanding and strategic support completely contradicted her previous experiences, providing not just funds but a collaborative relationship that valued her business’s potential and her vision.

I was immediately sold by the notion that Onramp works with me and grows with me. That cash amount wasn’t stagnant, this was a dynamic relationship.

A Month of Marvels: 15 Products in 30 Days

Among her many achievements, Sylvia is most proud of launching 15 new products in a single month. Any other single mother would have taken Grandma’s visit as time for rest, but not Sylvia.  She took the extra time and did something with it. 15 somethings. That’s right - she launched 15 new products in 30 days. This period of intense productivity highlighted her commitment to providing safe, natural supplements that promote both physical and mental health. Her customers were undoubtedly grateful, evidenced by the fact she’s seen customers come back over 200 times.

I use my funding on inventory. The more I have the more I can sell, and I continue to prove that I can sell.

The Role of Onramp in Shaping a Dream

Onramp’s funding was crucial in scaling Sylvia’s inventory to meet growing demand. Without their flexible, understanding approach to funding, Sylvia believes her business might have faced critical stock shortages or worse. With Onramp's support, she has been able to keep her business thriving, proving time and again that her products are essential to her customers.

Without Onramp, we would be out of stock and out of business. It’s that simple.


Sylvia Chimhina's story with Onramp is more than a business success—it's a narrative of capitalizing on personal and professional challenges. Her journey from a young girl selling eggs in Zimbabwe to a successful figure in the eCommerce space is a profound testament to the power of innovative vision and the right support system. As Sylvia continues to expand her business, her story continues to serve as a reminder of the power of entrepreneurship. 

**Important note: Sylvia gives all her glory to Jesus and asked we include this note: God makes all things work out beautiful in His time.