May 29, 2024

Herbal Renaissance: A Journey from the Air Force to Herbal Heroine

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Herbal Renaissance: A Journey from the Air Force to Herbal Heroine

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Background and Journey to eCommerce

Jessica’s path to founding Herbal Renaissance is as compelling as the herbal blends she brews. After a courageous stint in the Air Force, Jessica ventured into business law studies, only to find it wasn’t her calling. Her true path revealed itself unexpectedly in 2015, amidst personal health struggles that led her to explore herbal remedies. Frustrated by prescription after prescription making no difference, Jessica turned to the healing properties of plants. And it worked. Astonished by her recovery, Jessica’s friends and family began to beg for their own batch of herbs. Their willingness to pay for her creations sparked a realization: she’d stumbled upon her dream career. A heart-to-heart with her mother revealed a family legacy—her grandfather was an herbalist, making her venture not just a career but a calling.

Why Herbal Teas? The Spark Behind the Product

Launching Herbal Renaissance was a no-brainer for Jessica. She blended her passion for continuous learning and her newly embraced herbal knowledge to create a thriving business. Far from boring, Jessica describes the world of herbs as boundless, with countless plants and their secrets keeping her forever on her toes. She dove in head first, from foraging to teaching and even authoring a book, Divine Herbalism. Jessica's teas don’t just promise wellness; they deliver transformational health stories, from reversing anemia to inexplicably aiding heart conditions—testaments to her deep commitment to natural healing.

Exciting Achievements and Building a Team

For Jessica, the peak of excitement came when a single TikTok video brought in $20,000 in just two days, underscoring the power of social media in storytelling and education. However, scaling her business introduced tough challenges, especially learning to trust and delegate as Herbal Renaissance grew. Prior to bringing on additional employees, Jessica felt that in order for something to be done right she had to do it herself. This was her baby after all. Often, this dedication led to 18 or 19 hour days and frankly, exhaustion. Embracing teamwork transformed her business and rekindled her joy in her work, proving that growth isn’t just about revenue but about building a strong, supportive community within the workplace.

Check out Jessica's Tiktok and Healing Stories here.

The Path to Funding: A Strategic Leap

Determined to scale effectively, Jessica used her own savings- including her 401k and VA stipends. Eventually, acknowledging that it takes money to make money, she sought external funding. This came right around the time that the puzzle pieces clicked, and TikTok Shop became a must for her business. Jessica’s primary following and education lived on the app. As the talented entrepreneur she is, Jessica realized the value in removing steps for her customers. No need to leave the app- They can buy her products in the palm of their hand without ever interrupting the scroll. She would need upfront capital to fund these orders, as TikTok does not pay out until the item is received. 

“Then I found Onramp. When I first heard the business model- I thought 'This is too good to be true'. I really couldn’t lose. I’ve now been a customer for almost a year and can confirm- it’s real”

She opted for revenue-based funding through Onramp, attracted by our promise of flexibility and continued support. This allowed her to focus on growth without the immediate pressure of traditional loans, fitting perfectly with the ebbs and flows of a growing eCommerce business.

“It is service based and about helping others. You can just tell! Onramp is a business but they are there to see the growth of other businesses”

Utilization of Funds

Jessica strategically allocated the funding to ramp up inventory production and enhance quality control, sticking to small batches for freshness. She also invested in necessary overhead to maintain the integrity and storage of her delicate herbal products. Customer satisfaction, along with efficacy, is one of her biggest drivers in the business. Her funding allows her to continue to be the middleman in one’s healing journey, something she will forever be grateful for. 


Jessica’s journey from Air Force veteran to eCommerce success is not just a business triumph but a narrative of personal transformation and societal contribution. Through Herbal Renaissance, Jessica not only reconnects with her ancestral roots but also offers healing and health empowerment to a growing community of customers inspired by her story and teachings. Jessica proves daily that with passion, resilience, and a touch of nature’s magic, incredible transformations are possible.