Amazon’s Best Built-in Promotions for Increasing Sales

Amazon has been stepping up their internal promotion game lately.

While promotions used to be hard for customers to find and utilize, now Amazon is really making it easier for customers to get promotions from sellers.

To keep it focused, we’ll talk about the promotions sellers use most these days and the ones Amazon seems to actually care about.

Launch a Coupon

Coupons are really easy to launch (check out our guide to set up an Amazon coupon in 5 minutes) and probably one of the most effective promotion tools on Amazon at the moment.

They have a really nice green box to entice shoppers to click on your listing, and shoppers can easily “clip” the coupon.

screenshot of coupon clipping on amazon
This is what a coupon looks like on a listing.

If you want to get more impulse buys and stand out from other products, consider a coupon.

Lightning Deals and 7-Day Deals

Running a lightning deal or a 7-day deal is a great way to get a lot of sales in a short amount of time.

You can access both deal types on the Create a new deal page on Seller Central

Lightning Deals are run for 4 to 12 hours, and is promoted on Amazon through their Deals page and they will sometimes push notifications to Amazon Mobile App users about the deal going live if they think that particular customer will be interested.

7-Day Deals are similar, but they are promoted on Amazon’s Deal page for 7-days instead of a few hours.

Placements and promotion vary between the two deal types and it’s entirely dictated by Amazon.

7-Day Deals are limited to Brand Registered businesses only, so once again, get brand registered!

Prime Exclusive Discount

Prime exclusive discounts are great because they’ll show a slash through your listing’s price and then show the lower, better Prime-only pricing more prominently.

You can find the page under the advertising tab and clicking Prime Exclusive Discount.

In combination with a coupon, this can provide a powerful visual appeal to shoppers to generate more sales.

prime discount and coupon code amazon
Strike-through and green coupon are eye-catching.

Summary: The Best Promotions to Use on Amazon

  • Coupon Codes are one of the best promotions on Amazon right now. Eye catching and easy to implement.
  • Prime discount. Get that beautiful strikethrough your price and show a larger, bolder, discounted price.
  • Lightning Deals and 7 Day Deals. Great way to move excess inventory.