Jul 9, 2024

PSR Fulfillment: Side Hustle to Full-Blown Family Affair

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PSR Fulfillment: Side Hustle to Full-Blown Family Affair

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Patrick Rose, the founder of PSR Fulfillment, has a background in the tech industry, having worked as a lighting engineer and visual artist. His journey into eCommerce began as a side hustle, inspired by a local liquidation store called Where You Bin, which sold Amazon return items for $14. Recognizing the profit potential, Patrick started reselling these items on eBay, quickly developing a passion for the business.

A Rapid Transition to Full-Time Reselling

Deciding to grow his business from eBay, Patrick sought proper education to begin selling on Amazon. Naturally, he found this in a creator community, on Youtube. He began with small items like toothbrushes in March and quickly expanded into apparel by mid-summer. By September, he had committed to reselling full-time, and by January, his wife Chloe joined him in the venture. Their combined efforts transformed their side hustle into a full-fledged family business, with shared success and milestones becoming significant cause for celebration.

Strategic Move into Apparel

Choosing to specialize in apparel was a strategic decision for Patrick. He had often heard the moniker “Buy what you know, know what you buy”. With an appreciation for popular brands like Nike and Adidas, he understood these products had high resale potential. His familiarity with market trends and consumer preferences made the transition effortless. Patrick believes he is naturally suited for this business, having always had an eye for possible resale opportunities.

Building a Community of Resellers

Reselling apparel not only proved profitable but also fostered a sense of community for Patrick. He built relationships with fellow resellers, frequently sharing leads and sourcing products together from different clearance sales, outlets, and online platforms. These collaborative efforts extended to group calls and joint ventures in finding the best deals.

The Thrill of Strategic Analysis

One of the most exciting aspects of work for Patrick and his wife Chloe has been the strategic analysis behind purchasing decisions. Gaining confidence in their ability to read sales charts and distill product-specific information has directly correlated with their business's growth. However, the journey hasn't been without its challenges. Managing capital effectively has been crucial, as the nature of selling on Amazon requires significant upfront investment. The delay in receiving profits and accounting for returns often necessitates careful financial planning to maintain inventory levels.

“Your opportunities to spend never go away as a business owner. Access to additional funding can put you ahead of your competitors!”

Seeking Reliable Funding

Initially, Patrick & Chloe relied on personal credit for funding. After a disappointing and dehumanizing experience with a platform that offered in-app financing, he sought a more reliable and personable source. This search led him to Onramp, where he found a supportive and responsive account management team. Patrick and Chloe’s experience with Onramp has been overwhelmingly positive. The ability to have in-depth conversations with his account manager and quickly grow his loan amount has been instrumental in sustaining his inventory needs. The rollover option at 50% of his loan ensures that they are never far from accessing more cash when needed.

“The more we work with Onramp, the more trusted we become and we consistently grow our loan amounts”

Using Funding for Inventory

With the funding from Onramp, Patrick & Chloe focus primarily on inventory, as their high-ranking listings require minimal advertising. The seamless support and guidance from Onramp's team have empowered Patrick & Chloe to continue scaling PSR Fulfillment, ensuring that they can keep pace with demand and stay ahead in the competitive world of eCommerce.

A Testament to Strategic Growth and Community

Patrick & Chloe’s story is a testament to the power of strategic thinking, community support, and the right financial backing. From a side hustle to a thriving business, their journey with PSR Fulfillment highlights the potential for growth and success in the ever-evolving landscape of eCommerce.