Jun 25, 2024

Hummii: From Childhood Cravings to a Healthy Revolution

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Hummii: From Childhood Cravings to a Healthy Revolution

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Background and Inspiration

Tyler Phillips’ journey to eCommerce and the founding of Hummii Snacks begins in a familiar place—the Phillips family living room. Growing up in a bustling household with five family members always on the go, snacks were a staple. From Little Bites to Cheez-Its and Dunkaroos, these nostalgic treats were a constant companion. However, as Tyler embarked on his own health journey in adulthood, he noticed a gap in the market: a healthier version of these beloved snacks that kept all the fun mascots & marketing. This realization sparked the idea for Hummii Snacks & mascots of the “Hummiiverse”.

Tyler’s journey was anything but linear. Raised around small business, with his father owning a chain of hardware stores in upstate New York, Tyler initially envisioned following in his family's footsteps. However, his path took a different turn in college, where he focused on finance and accounting. A successful stint in cryptocurrency investment led him to Puerto Rico, where he and his friends worked in the startup environment. It was during this time that Tyler began his own health journey, creating a protein ice cream that gained popularity with his friends in the fitness community. Despite early challenges, Tyler’s founder mindset remained undeterred.

Challenges and Early Ventures

Tyler’s first true product, a protein ice cream bar, was a labor of love. After participating in an accelerator program, he made these bars himself in a commercial kitchen, packed them into coolers, and delivered them to local grocery stores. However, the challenges of scaling a frozen dessert business soon became apparent, leading Tyler to pivot. His childhood snacking habits inspired his next venture: a healthier version of Little Bites. This journey indirectly led to the creation of POINTS!—healthy chocolate candies reminiscent of M&Ms, designed to satisfy everyday cravings. POINTS! were accompanied by the below mascot - Professor POINTS!. His job is to gently reinforce the healthy benefits rather than beating people over the head with it. 

The Need for Funding

Initially, Tyler used a Kickstarter campaign to fund Hummii Snacks, which helped to support the early stages of the business. However, the financial strain soon became overwhelming. Balancing various jobs, including early morning shifts at Starbucks one point, Tyler persevered. The iOS15 update further complicated matters by impacting targeted advertising, prompting Tyler to take a full-time job in eCommerce. This experience introduced him to the world of eCommerce financing, highlighting the critical need for better cash flow management, especially for purchasing packaging in bulk.

“We didn’t have a full year's history for a bank to look back on, and I was done with the 3% charge from my credit card. It was then we found Onramp.”

Discovering Onramp

Onramp Funds proved to be the right partner for Hummii Snacks. Unlike other companies that felt overly pushy, Onramp struck the right balance, providing the financial support Hummii desperately needed. With Onramp’s assistance, Tyler was able to resolve many of the company’s cash flow issues. The extra capital allowed him to stock up on inventory and invest in Facebook marketing, POINTS! product line’s main growth driver.

“For us, Onramp's funding provided a relief of pressure. Not every penny needs to return dividends right away. We have breathing room!”

Impact and Achievements

Since partnering with Onramp, Hummii has experienced significant growth. The financial flexibility provided by Onramp enabled Tyler to focus on scaling the business, developing new products, and expanding their reach. Hummii Snacks’ healthier chocolate candies, POINTS!, have been well-received, carving out a niche in the market for nutritious yet delicious snacks.

“My advice? If and when you decide to take funding, identify that clear return on investment. Will it be inventory? Marketing? You know best. “

Future Plans and Advice

Looking ahead, Tyler plans to continue scaling Hummii Snacks, introducing their mascots to various media platforms like YouTube (or even Netflix) to subtly promote healthy snacking. His journey from childhood cravings to a thriving eCommerce business underscores the importance of perseverance, innovation, and finding the right financial partners.

For other founders, Tyler emphasizes the value of determination and the critical role of financial partners like Onramp in navigating the complexities of modern business. “The most determined people who listen & adapt along the way are usually the ones who succeed,” he says, reflecting on his journey with gratitude and optimism.