May 28, 2024

Grooming Lounge: Mike's Journey to eCommerce Success with Onramp

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Grooming Lounge: Mike's Journey to eCommerce Success with Onramp

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Background: From Family Business to Men's Grooming Pioneer

Mike’s roots in the beauty industry run deep, with his family managing a beauty product distribution company representing major brands like Paul Mitchell and Revlon. However, it wasn't until a chance encounter during a college break that Mike found his true calling in men's grooming. While helping at a beauty show, he picked up some samples and later shared them with his friends—guys who typically didn't prioritize self-care. The unexpected enthusiasm from these friends led to the creation of Grooming Lounge.

Meet Mike!

Humble Beginnings: Creating a Place for Men to Feel like a King

When Mike founded Grooming Lounge, the concept of men’s grooming was still quite new. His vision was to provide a space where men could enjoy premium grooming services and products without feeling embarrassed. Grooming Lounge quickly became a sanctuary where men could pamper themselves in private. Recognizing the need to extend this luxury to homes, Mike launched an online site, making high-quality grooming products accessible to all men.

Tying in Humor with Body Odor Review

Building the Business: Word of Mouth and Humor

The growth of Grooming Lounge has been fueled largely by word of mouth. Mike’s philosophy is that a visit to Grooming Lounge should be so impressive that customers leave excited to tell their friends. This principle has flowed over into their online strategy. Fast shipping, sleek packaging, and educational content ensure that customers receive top-of-the-line products and the knowledge to use them effectively. Mike’s commitment to humor in branding and product descriptions—like naming their shampoo "The Best Shampoo" with straightforward, funny instructions—sets Grooming Lounge apart in a crowded market.

Impact of the Men's Grooming Boom

The rising popularity of men’s grooming has brought both opportunities and challenges. On the positive side, increased awareness has made it easier to reach men who are now more knowledgeable and open about their grooming needs. However, the market’s growth has also led to increased competition. Differentiation has become crucial, and Grooming Lounge leverages creative marketing and a deep understanding of their customer base to stand out. Their early entry into the market has been advantageous, allowing them to build a loyal customer base and continuously innovate with top-tier, user-friendly products.

Memorable Moments: Creative Marketing Triumphs

Among the most exciting moments for Mike was the recognition Grooming Lounge received for its inventive marketing. Notable highlights include awarding Howard Stern with the Best Hair Award, which led to an on-air invitation, and the Eyebrow Index, an analysis of winning presidential candidates’ eyebrows that gained national attention. These creative campaigns not only boosted visibility but also reinforced Grooming Lounge’s brand identity.

On a personal note, Mike finds the most fulfillment in the team he has built. Knowing that Grooming Lounge provides a supportive and enjoyable workplace for his employees is incredibly rewarding. The company's success is rooted in hiring talented people and empowering them to excel.

Seeking Funding: A Strategic Move for Growth

The decision to seek funding was driven by a shift in Grooming Lounge’s business strategy: developing their own product line. Transitioning from third-party brands to creating their own products required significant upfront investment in sampling, sourcing, and manufacturing. Additionally, enhancing their online marketing efforts to cater to a growing preference for online shopping further necessitated funding.

“It’s a never ending cycle! When you sell, you need money to buy more. Onramp helps to keep a handle on our cash flow."

Choosing Onramp: Convenience and Speed

Mike opted for revenue-based financing from Onramp due to its simplicity and efficiency. Traditional financing methods often involve cumbersome paperwork and lengthy approval processes, whereas Onramp offered a hassle-free experience. The ability to communicate directly with an account manager and receive prompt responses has been invaluable.

“Revenue based is easy, and frankly, fantastic. I love the way it flows with me."

Utilizing Onramp's Funding

Onramp’s funding has been instrumental in various aspects of Grooming Lounge’s operations. The flexibility to use funds for inventory, marketing, and product development has allowed the business to thrive and expand. This financial support has provided Mike with peace of mind, eliminating the stress of financial uncertainties and ensuring that his employees are well cared for.


Mike's journey with Grooming Lounge highlights the transformative power of innovative thinking and strategic financial support. From humble beginnings to a thriving eCommerce business, Grooming Lounge continues to set the standard in men’s grooming, thanks in part to the flexibility and support provided by Onramp.