3 AI Tools That Hint at the Future for Amazon Sellers

3 AI Tools That Hint at the Future for Amazon Sellers

AI is the hottest topic everywhere at the moment, and one particular hotspot is the world of selling on Amazon.

Companies are rushing to get first mover advantage by being the app sellers add to their toolbelts to run and grow their Amazon account(s).

Instead of bombarding you with 50 new AI apps that launched in the past six months, I’ve curated 3 I believe can help an Amazon seller right now to improve their listings and business overall.

So without further ado, let’s check them out.

Boost the Writing on Your Listing - ChatGPT

ChatGPT of course is currently the king of getting fast and effective copy written for your listings.

Need help with virtually any aspect dealing with what’s written on your Amazon listing? ChatGPT can do it.

Help with titles, bullet points, descriptions, and how to cater language toward your ideal customer, there really are very few limitations to the kind of information you can get from ChatGPT.

The only issue right now is that the quality of what you get out of ChatGPT is limited to how good you are at writing thoughtful prompts and working the tool over and over until you get something that you're happy with.

The simplest advice here, rather than writing a detailed guide of how to use ChatGPT for Amazon listings, is this:

Keep building upon your initial prompt for a ChatGPT request and have it keep making adjustments to what it’s outputting until you like what it's putting out.

  • Don’t like the 5 bullet point examples you asked for? Ask it for 5 more.
  • Still not happy? Tell it to exclude keywords you don’t want to see and use specific keywords.
  • Give it an idea of your target audience to help craft messaging.
  • Dont use ChatGPT output as the final product, use it to help spur ideas, create outlines, or simply to get started.
  • Always build upon each output instead of starting a new prompt. ChatGPT retains the knowledge with each session you’re in.

Most of all, practice with the prompts and requests to get ChatGPT to create outputs you’re happy with, and you can do a lot to uncover ideas you might not have thought of on your own. 

While many different apps and software are coming out tailored explicitly to helping sellers make high-quality listings, ChatGPT can do anything these dedicated apps can do for free if you learn a bit about making quality prompts.

So until these other apps prove themselves superior to good prompt making, sticking with ChatGPT (especially with it being free for now) remains the best option.

Boost Sales and Profit with Repricing - Profasee

Profasee is a unique piece of software that will use machine learning to help optimize the price of your listings.

Current repricing software is mainly made for arbitrage sellers and wholesalers who need to win the Buy Box on Amazon to enable them to make sales.

However, the Buy Box is automatically won for sellers that manufacture their goods, so Profasee exists to help these sellers accelerate their business through intelligent pricing.

It will use AI to analyze buyer behavior to reach positive business outcomes like making your PPC spending more efficient, increasing sales, increasing profit margins, or improving overall profits.

You’d be surprised at how many sellers have gone through the scenario where they raise their prices thinking it will drastically lower sales, only to see that not only did it not hurt sales, but could even give them a sales boost.

Profasee takes all the guesswork out of pricing on Amazon and can help you win back some sorely needed profit margins.

Create Listing Images Instantly - is an incredibly unique idea that will solve a big issue for sellers wanting professional-looking images for their products.

It works by feeding the software some images of your product and then you create prompts of how you want it displayed.

After that, it will work the AI magic and spit out photo-shoot quality images of your product in the way you imagined.

This is definitely one of the pieces of software to keep an eye on, as it can open up your listings to looking more professional, eye-catching, and appealing than ever before without the need for expensive photoshoots, studio sessions, hacked-together homemade photos, or spending a ton of money on 3D renders and Photoshop editing services.


This is not an exhaustive list, but these 3 pieces of software can be quickly applied to your business to give it that professional edge to increase sales and profit.

Check them out and give them a spin, and you can utilize the AI advantage for yourself.