How eCommerce Sellers Use OnRamp Funds

Every business has different needs, and OnRamp is here to be your partner to fuel your business growth. Read how different eCommerce sellers utilize OnRamp Funds to accelerate their success.

kindfolk s

"At Kindfolk, we were trying to scale our Amazon business but kept running into inventory shortages and not enough cash to load up on inventory. That led to SKUs being out of stock, product rankings hurting, and ultimately sales declining.

Onramp offered the perfect solution with revenue-based financing to secure the capital we needed to invest in inventory and pay it back at a reasonable time frame once we made sales. The process was quick, easy, and the support was great.

The funds were in our bank account in a matter of days. I recommend if you want to grow and scale your Amazon business!”

Jeremy, Founder and Owner of Kindfolk Yoga

feelgreat s

"As my business was growing, I wanted a simple, efficient, and effective way to secure working capital. We started working with Onramp, and they have helped us efficiently and effectively continue to scale our business.

OnRamp have provided the working capital needed to keep inventory turning over, which allowed us to focus on growing the business. They are easy to work with, have very competitive rates, and the best part is that I only pay fees when my inventory sells. Unlike a bank, they cared about our success and did not require us to take loans for more than we needed.

We have doubled our sales over the past 12-months because we have focused on growth, not inventory and cash flow."

Frank VanOs, Founder and Owner of Feel Great Vitamin Co.

mashup food logo

"Traditional lending is not built for eCommerce. Onramp is. The setup process was seamless and we had funds in our account the day after we completed our account setup. They have a great team and are easy to work with. Thanks Onramp!"

Brian W., Founder and Owner of Mashup Foods

juiced logo

"I had a seamless experience getting setup with Onramp and had funds sent to my account within 24 hours. The price model is fair and helps out the companies that need quick funds to pay for inventory."

Dylan, Owner of Juiced Systems

bamboo skateboards logo

"When our company needed money, Onramp Funds was there and delivered with no credit check. Great service!"

Hal Miller, Owner of Bamboo Skateboards

torries s

"OnRamp has simplified cash flow by automating everything: easy to request, set it and forget it payments - quick and fast!

Getting started was easy as I did not have to provide a ton of personal details like when applying for a traditional loan. I integrated my store, and that was it! It was quick and easy; we had an offer in minutes.

OnRamp even guided us in accelerating or decelerating our inventory purchasing to ensure that demand is never a surprise.

We are thriving and now and get to focus on the things we love. They have gone above and beyond - thanks, OnRamp!"

Torrie V., Founder and Owner of Torrie's Naturals

soml s

“I tried reaching out to my bank about getting a small loan to help me restock my inventory. They told me they couldn’t write a single loan for at least 6 months or longer to anyone because of PPP maxing out their loaning capabilities.

I ended up having to borrow money from friends and family, but knew this would be unsustainable as my business grew more and restocks would get more costly.

Luckily, I found out about OnRamp Funds, and in a short amount of time, I got the funding I needed to pay off the remainder of my restock.

Now I never worry about being short on cash for future inventory because I know OnRamp is always there when I need them.”

Oliver T., Founder and Owner of SortOutMy.Life

family sown logo
"Onramp is awesome. The system is very user friendly and they have great customer support. I would definitely recommend Onramp to a fellow Amazon seller."

Gaines Kilpatrick, Founder and Owner of Family Sown

grim rabbit logo
"Onramp is a dream come true. They showed up at the perfect time for our business and offered a funding solution that is light years beyond what we experienced with traditional lending. I am very happy with them as a company and with my experience in that relationship."

Darrin, Owner of Grim Rabbit Games

pik fresh drenks logo
"Onramp was very helpful and will walk you through the entire process and give you the proper amount of funding needed to grow your business. I would recommend Onramp to anyone needing funds to help support and scale their business! Thanks."

Ed Frescas, Owner of Pik Fresh Drenks

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