May 1, 2024

The Unstoppable Growth of Bubble Wrapp

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The Unstoppable Growth of Bubble Wrapp

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In the world of eCommerce, you will find many compelling stories that have you rooting for a founder or product. The rise of Bubble Wrapp, an innovative collectibles store that has redefined the market, is no exception. Founded by husband and wife team, Nate and Kitty, Bubble Wrapp began as a dream in the wake of personal challenges and a global pandemic. Since taking its first loan with Onramp in September 2022, Bubble Wrapp's growth has been nothing short of phenomenal, boasting a 350% all-time growth by February 2024. This success story explores the journey of how a man serving in the military ended up teaming up with his wife to sell in what he deems “the space between Hot Topic and Claire’s”, and how Onramp's funding became a cornerstone of their store’s explosive growth.

Meet the founders- Kitty and Nate!

A Humble Beginning

Nate and Kitty's journey into eCommerce was catalyzed by life-altering events, including Kitty suffering a stroke and the global upheaval caused by Covid-19. They found themselves continuously faced with the adage “don’t take life for granted”. So, with a military background and corporate experience, Nate and Kitty decided it was time to chase their dreams, leading to the birth of Bubble Wrapp. Their venture aimed to fill the gap between mainstream collectible stores, offering a unique space for collectors to find and share their interests.

A Business Built on Passion

Bubble Wrapp stands out not only for its exceptional product range featuring custom pieces but also for the passion that drives its founders. The decision to focus on collectibles stems from a deep-seated belief in the joy of collecting and sharing unique finds with a community that appreciates them. Nate and Kitty watched as people grew out of their “collecting” phase, ditching the cards or figures and moving on to desk jobs. They never experienced this, personally, and their desire to continue collecting only grew. They knew they weren’t alone. From designer toys to plushies, art and stickers designed by independent artists, Bubble Wrapp became a haven for collectors to "find their weird," drawing visitors from across the globe. 

“We all collect as kids, but some of us never stop. Those of us who continue doing so as we age, seek each other out. We find our weird.”

The Challenges and Triumphs

The journey was not without its hurdles. We’ve all heard- “If you’re selling to everyone, you’re selling to no one”. Finding their niche and balancing the desire to cater to a wide audience while maintaining a unique identity was challenging. Kitty and Nate have fought hard to keep their collectors happy, while not compromising who Bubble Wrapp is at the core. The opening of their physical store marked a turning point, transforming their online presence into a tangible community space, celebrated with glitter floors and creative design. Don’t believe us? Check out their Instagram

Turning to Onramp for Growth

Like any good start up, Kitty and Nate started their new venture from a spare bedroom. After a swift and successful launch, they realized they would need additional capital to reach their goals and continue to grow at a pace to meet collector demand. They started with traditional lending- specifically, banks. Their pitch decks were met with applause, people loved the concept, but they didn’t understand how they could help. How could they help someone with no business credit? They promised to stop by the store.

Refusing to give up, Nate and Kitty further explored their options, ultimately choosing Onramp for its understanding of the eCommerce model and its flexible, growth-friendly approach. Onramp's funding facilitated product expansion, preparedness for conventions, and store renovations, contributing significantly to Bubble Wrapp's success. 

“If we had to put it into 3 words: Onramp is accessible, understanding, and interested.”

Specifically, the funds were used for the following:

  • Product Expansion: Bubble Wrapp has been able to do MORE than just grow their inventory. Funding has allowed them to take ideas from notebook paper to physical products, encourage collaborations with creators they could only dream of, and bring in rare items they didn’t yet have in their collection. 
  • Preparedness for Conventions: At a convention, Bubble Wrapp has been known to sell as much in 3 days as they do in 1 month at the store. This means they need to think ahead and capitalize on the opportunity. Basically, they must place large orders in advance of sales. This wouldn’t be possible without outside funding!
  • Store Renovations: They recently renovated the loft above their store to become more of an office space. This is necessary as the business grows, so does the infrastructure. The beauty of an Onramp loan is that we don’t tell you how to spend your funds! You know your business best.

The Onramp Difference

Onramp wasn't just a funding source; it was a partnership that offered transparency, support, and an unmatched account management team. This relationship allowed Bubble Wrapp to make strategic decisions, ensuring a rapid yet sustainable growth trajectory.

“We describe our partnership with Onramp as having another group of coworkers. This isn’t a relationship built on sporadic emails and texts. We have an equitable partnership that’s built on the understanding that Onramp provides money for us to grow. We deploy the cash to show growth and increase our loan amount. It’s a beautiful thing.”

Looking Ahead

With Onramp's support, Bubble Wrapp has not only accelerated its growth but also made significant impacts on their community, ensuring more smiles and memorable experiences for their collectors. Their story is a testament to the power of passion, resilience, and the right partnerships in navigating the challenging world of eCommerce.

Bubble Wrapp's journey from a challenging beginning to becoming a beloved hub for collectors underscores the potential for businesses to thrive with the right support and vision.