Connecting your Amazon store to Onramp

This article will help you connect your Amazon store to Onramp.

In your Seller Central, you'll be asked to share the information with Onramp so that we can build your customized offer. Once completed you'll be back redirected to Onramp, where you can continue your account set up.  Today, Onramp only supports US-based accounts.

1. Starting in Onramp Connection Side Panel

Enter your store name.

Enter Name

Click Link Store.

Link Store

You'll then be redirected to Amazon Seller Central.

2. If not already logged in, login to your Amazon Seller Central account

You may need to select your account. Reminder, we only support US-based accounts.

Select Account US Business

3. Authorize Onramp Funds for view access

Check the box.

Click Confirm.

Authorize Onramp Funds

Once you click Confirm, the page will load for a moment.

4. You will be redirected back to Onramp

It should say CONNECTED by Amazon.


We have what we need! You can add other stores or click Continue.