Connecting your Amazon store to Onramp

You’re steps away from connecting your store to Onramp. We’ll help you get there using the following information:

  1. Store Name - what you call your store
  2. Seller ID - your Amazon Seller ID
  3. MWS Auth Token - your Amazon Marketplace Web Services authorization token. This allows 3rd parties like Onramp to communicate with your Seller Account with read-only access
picture showing fields to connect amazon account to onramp

Follow the steps below to access your Seller ID and MWS Auth Token from Amazon to successfully connect your store.

2. Log into your Amazon Seller Account

amazon sign in screen

3. Click the Authorize a Developer Button located to the left of the page, underneath the top navigation and Appstore


4. In the "Developer’s Name:" field, enter OnRamp Funds

developers name field screenshot

5. In the "Developer ID:" field, enter 8104-8522-2649

developer id field screen shot

6. Click Next

7. Check the box to Accept the Amazon MWS License Agreement & select Next

click next screen shot

8. Copy the Seller ID and MWS Auth Token

copy auth token amazon shot

9. Go back to the Onramp Sign Up Page

picture showing fields to connect amazon account to onramp

10. Paste the Seller ID and the MWS Auth Token copied from Amazon

11. Populate Store Name with the name you call your store

12. Click Connect Store


Your store is now connected to Onramp and we’ll do the heavy lifting from here. We are excited to get you the cash you need!