Connecting your Amazon store to Onramp

This article will help you give Onramp Developer Access to your Amazon store.

Why do we need this? Developer Access enables Onramp to access a view of your store data. This helps us to understand your store performance.

Please find below a step-by-step guide and a video to follow along below:

1. Go to the following link:

you will be taken to the Manage your apps screen on SellerCentral.

2. Click on Authorize new developer

3. You will be taken to this screen, where you will add the following credentials for Onramp Funds.

Developer’s Name: Onramp Funds

Developer ID: 8104-8522-2649

4. Click "I understand" and then on the Next Button.

5. You now have the Seller ID & MWS Auth Token to connect to Onramp Funds.

Leave this page open! You will now paste the results on the Onramp screen.

6. Go back to Onramp

7. Copy and paste your information from Seller Central into the fields for Onramp

8. Click Link Store

You should land back on the main page. You can connect your Shopify store or click Next!


Your store is now connected to Onramp and we’ll do the heavy lifting from here. We are excited to get you the cash you need!