The Plug Drink & Onramp


advanced in the last 6 months


advances with Onramp


total sales growth year over
year for the 2nd year in a row

The Plug achieved profitability in the last year partnering with Onramp

The Plug Drink is a plant based recovery drink focused on liver health and wellness. The Plug has taken over $1.3 million in advances from Onramp in the last year. Feeling shaken in their trust of other lenders after the SVB collapse, they've enjoyed working with Onramp as a fast, reliable, and relationship-focused provider of cash. Instead of directing all their efforts to "500% growth" year over year as they had since creating their company in 2019, founding brothers Justin and Ray decided to focus on ensuring their business was profitable on its own this last year. They achieved that goal! Typically, The Plug dedicates about 75% of their advances towards inventory needs and about 25% towards digital marketing and ad spending.Their favorite thing about partnering with Onramp is the speed at which Onramp provides more funds and the clear communication throughout the process. They are expanding into liver support pills and are growing their presence in stores currently.

“We really like the flexibility of allocating the funds where we want to and where it makes sense for our needs at the time of disbursement."

Justin Kim

Founder & COO, The Plug Drink

What stood out about Onramp

A couple of bottles sitting on top of a wooden tray.