HEALiX & Onramp


increase in revenue since working with Onramp


total sales growth year over year for the 2nd year in a row


advances with Onramp

HEALiX has tripled revenue since partnering with Onramp

HEALiX formed in 2019 with a deep drive to provide evidence-backed health and wellness products to their market. Their inaugural product is an infrared sauna blanket. In the last year, HEALiX has accepted 8 advances from Onramp and the average dollar amount advanced has increased 140% from the first loan they received. Since partnering with Onramp, their revenue has tripled. HEALiX values Onramp's speed of extending cash and Onramp's clear understanding of their business model. HEALiX has allocated about 90-95% of their advances towards inventory, with the other 5-10% of funding dedicated to marketing and video production.

“If it wasn't for Onramp, my business would be much smaller. Onramp really understood eCommerce and the way my business operates in terms of drop shipping and inventory cycles."

Michael Browne

Owner & CMO, HEALiX

What stood out about Onramp