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shopify vs etsy

Shopify vs. Etsy – Which is Best… Why Not Both?

October 7, 2022

Do you have products that would be a good fit for Etsy and also on a standalone eCommerce shop? Are you trying to choose one platform over the other? Depending on where you are in your eCommerce journey, the choice could be one over the other, and sometimes it can be both. In this post,…

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non bank funding

Non-Bank Lending Options for eCommerce Businesses

October 3, 2022

If you’ve been running an eCommerce business for some time and need funding, you might think a bank is the most logical place to find financing. However, suppose you make an appointment at a bank to discuss funding. In that case, you’ll quickly find that funding an eCommerce business is a non-starter for all traditional…

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black friday sale banner

eCommerce Black Friday Tips for a Smooth and Profitable Sale

September 30, 2022

As you may already know, Black Friday and Cyber Monday or BFCM are the highest volume days of sales for almost every eCommerce business. During the November peak business month of 2021, consumers spent more than 135 billion, up 9% from the previous year. These eCommerce Black Friday tips will help you ensure your eCommerce…

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amazon fba business plan 2023

Your Amazon FBA Business Plan for 2023

September 28, 2022

Many people are familiar with the idea of a business plan, but did you know that a business plan is a great tool even for Amazon sellers? After all, your Amazon Seller account is a real business, just like any other business. A business plan is a great tool that you can use to get…

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small and light fba

Amazon FBA Small & Light: Everything You Need to Know

September 23, 2022

Amazon fees are high, any seller will tell you. If you sell products that are on the smaller side, Amazon will end up charging so much to fulfill your orders that you will end up not making any money, unless you charge your customers $11 for a pair of tweezers. Amazon is aware of this…

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clock laptop with sale message

Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday: How to Approach a Strategy for Your Ecom Store

September 23, 2022

Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) present lucrative opportunities for eCommerce businesses. Shoppers crowd retail outlets en masse seeking the best deals on different products. BFCM is very important to eCommerce retailers because the massive sales add significant weight to their annual revenue. Luckily, you can get a friendly financing option to allow you to…

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ecommerce funding types

Ecommerce Funding: 7 Financing Types (Ranked 2022)

September 22, 2022

Funding is absolutely critical for the success of your eCommerce business. Without funding, you are limiting your ability to grow, secure stock in a timely manner, and even do simple things like pay yourself consistently. Unfortunately, securing financing for your business can be tricky and expensive. Because of this, we’re going to go through various…

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Revenue Based Financing – The Secret to eCommerce Growth

September 16, 2022

If you own an eCommerce business, you might have experienced just how difficult it can be to acquire funds through traditional means. Banks simply aren’t caught up with how the Internet works, even to this day. Try walking into a bank and getting a loan to grow your eCommerce business, and they will almost certainly…

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autumn sale discount concept shopping cart fallen colored leaves

Winning eCommerce Holiday Marketing Strategies to Boost Sales

September 15, 2022

In 2022, eCommerce holiday marketing will need to be more adaptable than ever to capture greater market share. As customers now expect highly contextual and relevant brand interactions, upgrading your company’s analytics tools and marketing strategies is a necessity. With a sophisticated funding method, you can quickly upgrade your year-end marketing strategy to meet your…

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best ecommerce printer

The 2 Best Label Printers for Shopify & Amazon FBA

September 14, 2022

Dymo and Zebra label printers? Some think of them as the industry standards for label printing, but today they’re old news. When you think of label printers, these are the two brands that typically come to mind for most eCommerce sellers, but a new crop of companies have come up to challenge these legacy brands.…

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