Shopify vs. Amazon: Which Is Better for Your eCommerce Business?

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Amazon is home to 1.9 million active sellers, and Shopify hosts over 4 million stores. eCommerce business owners already know a lot about these channels: they’re popular among business owners, so they’re popular among shoppers; there’s a lot of business activity, but that means competition. However, these numbers need to tell you which channel is…

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Understanding Shopify eCommerce Analytics

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As an online retailer, nothing helps guide decisions like a robust and thoroughly understood analytics suite. When you don’t know where to begin, it can seem overly complex to be practically helpful, and merchants should keep it simple and relevant as they learn it. It’s necessary to spend just a small amount of quality time…

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Shopify vs. Etsy – Which is Best… Why Not Both?

shopify vs etsy

Do you have products that would be a good fit for Etsy and also on a standalone eCommerce shop? Are you trying to choose one platform over the other? Depending on where you are in your eCommerce journey, the choice could be one over the other, and sometimes it can be both. In this post,…

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Shopify 301 Redirect Guide – When and How to Use Them

shopify redirect guide

301 Redirects are a powerful tool websites employ to keep their pages relevant, avoid duplicate content issues, and spread around SEO “link juice” to keep pages performing well on search engines. Most Shopify stores are either not utilizing redirects, or are using them improperly. In this post we’ll go over all the times you’ll want…

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Ultimate Shopify SEO Guide. Be Your Store’s Expert

shopify ultimate seo guide

SEO is a far reaching and broad topic, but it is absolutely vital for your Shopify store’s success. SEO is a mixture of technical techniques, creative marketing, and brand promotion, and for many businesses it is a daunting and scary topic. However, with all the tools at your disposal and knowledge online, you can be…

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Shopify Image Guide: SEO, Resolution, & More

shopify store image guide seo

Images are extremely vital to any eCommerce business, and are probably the most significant contributor to your conversion rates. People love to look at great images to get excited about buying a product, so there’s plenty of incentive to make appealing products that are optimized not only for your customers, but also for search engines.…

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Shopify Domain Guide: Point Your Domain To Your Shopify Store

shopify domain guide

You’re running an eCommerce business, you don’t have time to waste getting bogged down by domain name confusion. When you have a Shopify store, the site URL is automatically set to “”, and that’s not ideal if you’re trying to establish yourself as a brand. Of course, you’ll want to purchase a domain name and…

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How to Leverage Shopify Analytics to Grow Your Business

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Shopify is a great platform to start, grow, and manage your online store, offering robust analytics & reporting tools to give sellers insights into how they’re doing and what they could do to build their business. Data doesn’t lie, but you need to know how to understand and use the data if you want to…

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