How to Address Inventory Shortfalls Leading into The Holiday Season

Inventory Shortfalls

Even in the best of times, inventory management can be challenging. How do you decide what to order or how much to order? How do you manage your inventory? And all while running your other retail businesses and keeping your consumers happy? The task becomes considerably more difficult during the holiday season. Retailers sometimes struggle…

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What You Need to Know About eCommerce Inventory Optimization

woman with tablet working near warehouse shelves with cargo

eCommerce inventory optimization involves maintaining a perfect balance between supply and demand to keep logistics expenses low and avoid issues such as overstocking, stock-outs, and backorders. In short, you want to ensure you have the right items in the right place at the right time, but you must do that efficiently and cost-effectively.  You oversee…

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What is eCommerce Inventory Management?

inventory management

When running an eCommerce store, there are a few essentials to keep up with such as an attractive website, compelling marketing content, and good product quality. One aspect that is integral to eCommerce success that is often overlooked is inventory management. Some business owners are not familiar with this concept. eCommerce inventory management is the…

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