Shopify vs. Amazon FBA – How to Decide Which is Best for You

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If you’re in the process of creating your first eCommerce business, you’ll eventually come to the point where you need to decide if you want to launch a store on Shopify, or join Amazon FBA as a seller. But when you look up the differences between Amazon FBA vs. Shopify, you get long lists comparing…

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Is Amazon FBA Worth It in 2022?

picture of amazon truck and forklift

“Is starting an Amazon FBA business even worth it, especially now?” Anyone who is thinking about selling on Amazon eventually has this question cross their mind: In our post-COVID world, this question is more relevant than ever. The Internet has spoken loudly about how costs have risen everywhere, most notably sea freight shipping being 8-9X…

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Amazon Inventory Management in 2022

Workers Managing Inventory Cartoon Image

Any Amazon seller will tell you that inventory management may be the most crucial factor in running an Amazon FBA business that will make the difference between profits and potential losses. Amazon Inventory Management can be a bit different than typical inventory management, especially when you’re selling FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). Why? Two main reasons:…

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Ecommerce Seller Financing: Why It Doesn’t Always Work

desk with papers and graphics

Traditional Ecommerce Seller Financing Options Haven’t Evolved Few ecommerce owners have the necessary capital to fund a new and growing business. Ecommerce seller financing options are available, but many often set owners up for failure from the start.  As your online business grows, you will have to cover more than just inventory; there are marketing…

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Capital for Ecommerce: Getting It the Easy Way

20 dollars bills

What is Capital for Ecommerce? Financing to fuel the appetite for your brand and the products you offer should be a top priority if you plan to start and scale your own business. Every entrepreneur must create an agile business plan, a well-defined prototype that allows them to consolidate and sell their idea. To achieve…

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Financing Options for Amazon Sellers

Amazon logo on mobile screen

Whether you’re looking to turn your Pandemic Passion into a thriving business or you’ve been dreaming of owning your own store for some time, Amazon is a platform that can’t be ignored. With revenues steadily climbing – first-quarter sales in 2021 were nearly one and a half times the first quarter of 2020 – there…

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3 eCommerce Financing Options to Grow Your Business

shopping cart with money in front of computer

When you began thinking about opening your own business, eCommerce seemed like a low-cost approach, and eCommerce financing options weren’t top of mind. You don’t have to hunt for a storefront or fork out money for retrofits and rent payments. You can make your products or services available to a global marketplace of customers. To…

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