Best Practices for Navigating Finances of Your eCom Biz

navigating ecommerce funding

Ensuring your eCommerce business stays healthy and profitable is something all sellers struggle with. With so many expenses to account for alongside the twists and turns of running a business, it is hard to stay on top of everything! To have success, it’s vital to understand where your business is standing and where you can…

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How Fintech Can Revolutionize Your Business

fintech apps to use

Fintech is growing explosively. A suite of companies has disrupted and improved how we operate business daily. These fintech startups are the secret formula to growing your business, receiving capital for key business functions, scaling your business, and protecting the future of your business. In this guide we’ll go over various fintech tools, apps, services,…

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When and How to Start Marketing Your eCommerce Business

ecommerce marketing

You have launched your first eCommerce product, congrats! You just made the first step in securing financial freedom and growing your business. What next? Now you want to focus on expanding and growing sales, but how do you do that? The first step to driving up your revenue is marketing your eCommerce business. What even…

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Dropshipping Funding: Your Questions Answered

laptop with funding concept graphic

Dropshipping refers to an order fulfillment method in which entrepreneurs run an online store and sell products without holding the inventory. It is relatively easy to start and operate and a great way to generate passive income.  Sellers don’t need to create, hold or ship any items. When a shopper places an order in your…

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How to Grow Your Budding eCommerce Business

grow your budding business

Picture this: you’ve just set up shop online, hand-picked the products you’ll offer, and made your first sale. It’s only up from here, but how can you keep up the momentum? With a little bit of luck and lots of good strategy, your ecommerce business will be booming soon. Keep reading to learn more about…

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What Is Revenue-Based Financing?

ecommerce money near laptop

Business financing comes in multiple forms, from traditional business loans to business-friendly revenue-based financing. Are you an eCommerce merchant looking for financing? Are you asking what is revenue-based financing? The global revenue-based financing market is expected to grow by an estimated 61.8% CAGR by 2027. As a result, businesses need to consider revenue-based financing to…

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Why Understanding eCommerce Supply Chain Models Matters

workers unloading packaging boxes pallets cargo container trucks shipping warehouse

It’s important to understand different eCommerce supply chain models in order to optimize your own. Online retailers that make efforts to learn their own supply chain model achieve faster delivery times, more competitive pricing, and wider margins. Clarity on the supply chain model your SMB employs will also improve your ability to know what eCommerce…

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Understanding the E-Commerce Cash Cycle

person writing laptop with credit card

The cash cycle, also known as the cash conversion cycle (CCC) or the net operating cycle, is a metric showing how long a business takes to convert its inventory into cash. It is the time between when you spend cash on inventory and when you receive payments after selling the items. The whole process involves…

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FCL vs LCL Shipments: Complete Guide for eCommerce Sellers

fcl vs lcl

LCL and FCL are two terms you will get yourself very familiar with if you’re running an eCommerce business that ships in products from overseas. LCL and FCL refer to the two main type shipments utilizing containers that sellers use to get their products from another country into another country to sell. In this post,…

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3 ECommerce Financing Options to Grow Your Business

eCommerce financing options scaled

Why Are ECommerce Financing Options Useful? When you began thinking about opening your own business, eCommerce seemed like a low-cost approach, and eCommerce financing options may not have been top of mind. After all, with an online store, you don’t have to hunt for a storefront or fork out money for retrofits and rent payments.…

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