What is a Merchant Cash Advance?

what is a merchant cash advance

A Quick Answer: A merchant cash advance (MCA), sometimes called revenue-based financing, is a unique form of funding for small businesses and eCommerce businesses with a unique qualification and repayment process primarily determined by revenue generated rather than traditional loan qualifying metrics. What is the difference between a Merchant Cash Advance and a Traditional Bank…

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Ecommerce Funding Without A Credit Check? It’s Possible.

ecommerce funding no credit check

The world of funding eCommerce businesses is one of frustration and a lack of options. When it comes to lending money to businesses, banks have a high list of requirements. Just look at this list of business loan requirements from NerdWallet, you can see a bit of what is expected: Good Personal and Business credit…

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Non-Bank Lending Options for eCommerce Businesses

non bank funding

If you’ve been running an eCommerce business for some time and need funding, you might think a bank is the most logical place to find financing. However, suppose you make an appointment at a bank to discuss funding. In that case, you’ll quickly find that funding an eCommerce business is a non-starter for all traditional…

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Ecommerce Funding: 7 Financing Types (Ranked 2022)

ecommerce funding types

Funding is absolutely critical for the success of your eCommerce business. Without funding, you are limiting your ability to grow, secure stock in a timely manner, and even do simple things like pay yourself consistently. Unfortunately, securing financing for your business can be tricky and expensive. Because of this, we’re going to go through various…

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What eCommerce Cash Flow Management Tools Can Do for Your Business

casual business man working with laptop

Your eCommerce business can grow slowly or quickly depending on your ability to leverage all available tools at your disposal. Maintaining short-term maneuverability and long-term stability with reliable cash flow and keen funds management is vital at any growth stage. Finding ways to control your cash flow can help you outshine the competition and gain…

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Does Revenue-Based Financing Make Sense for Your eCom Business?

product package boxes shopping bag cart

Revenue-based financing is a great addition to any capital stack and far less risky than the debt-based financing options of old. This is because financing methods that do not take revenue generation and inventory realities into account – let alone uncertain supply-chain predictions – can easily amount to tactlessly investing or stockpiling products without a…

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What Is Revenue-Based Financing?

ecommerce money near laptop

Business financing comes in multiple forms, from traditional business loans to business-friendly revenue-based financing. Are you an eCommerce merchant looking for financing? Are you asking what is revenue-based financing? The global revenue-based financing market is expected to grow by an estimated 61.8% CAGR by 2027. As a result, businesses need to consider revenue-based financing to…

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3 ECommerce Financing Options to Grow Your Business

eCommerce financing options scaled

Why Are ECommerce Financing Options Useful? When you began thinking about opening your own business, eCommerce seemed like a low-cost approach, and eCommerce financing options may not have been top of mind. After all, with an online store, you don’t have to hunt for a storefront or fork out money for retrofits and rent payments.…

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Financing ECommerce Tips for Small Businesses

small business owner with a PC

Useful ECommerce Tips for Small Businesses  Effective eCommerce tips for small businesses cannot be combined in a secret formula that will work for all companies. Every business operates a bit differently; however, there are several best practices that can serve to help you keep essential aspects in check, especially your financial stability. Of course, finances…

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Alternative ECommerce Startup Loans

man giving a startup presentation

ECommerce Startup Loans Are Becoming Mainstream It may seem unlikely that the number of new small businesses rose in recent months, but despite COVID challenges, it is true. One of the biggest booms? The number of companies related to online sales, and fueling a rise in demand for eCommerce startup loans. The following data from…

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