Shopify vs. Amazon: Which Is Better for Your eCommerce Business?

shopping online

Amazon is home to 1.9 million active sellers, and Shopify hosts over 4 million stores. eCommerce business owners already know a lot about these channels: they’re popular among business owners, so they’re popular among shoppers; there’s a lot of business activity, but that means competition. However, these numbers need to tell you which channel is…

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The Best Free Amazon Product Research Tools | Onramp

free amazon product research tools

Did you know that you don’t need to spend a single dollar to research a product to sell on Amazon, as well as all the associated costs of getting those products for sale with Amazon FBA? It’s true, in fact, these free tools and sites are so good for product inspiration and cost research that…

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Reserved Inventory on Amazon FBA: What You Need to Know

reserved inventory amazon fba

Nothing is more frustrating than preparing all of your inventory to land at an Amazon FBA warehouse at the perfect time… only for it to be stuck in “Reserve” status and not able to be purchased by customers. What gives? Well, even though you do your best to make sure you have a steady stream…

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Amazon Storage Fees: 4 Ways to Avoid Big Charges

widely used parcel sorting robot system using amr agv with tilt tray 3d rendering

Amazon’s Storage Fees can hit sellers who are caught unaware. Having strong inventory management and knowledge of storage fees can save you thousands of dollars per month in unnecessary fees that would have otherwise been deposited directly into your account. In this post, we’re going to go over the most important things you need to…

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Amazon FBA Profitable? A Quick Guide to Find Out

amazon profitable 1

There are an endless amount of routes for people to take when it comes to investing their time and money on the Internet in hopes of a return, creating an extra income, or opening up a new career path. Popular ideas for making more money like investing in cryptocurrencies, the stock market, making videos on…

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Amazon FBA Product Ideas 2023 – How to Find What’s Hot

amazon product ideas 2023

Whether you’re just starting to sell on Amazon or looking for more inspiration for new products to launch, the task of finding new products is daunting for new sellers and experienced ones alike. In fact, most potential Amazon sellers stop right at the first step, and that’s coming up with their first product idea. In…

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Reasons to (and Not to) Sell a Lower Margin Product on Amazon

reasons to sell lower margin product amazon

If you’ve read any comments from an Amazon selling influencer, you’ll see them scoff and laugh at anyone who is not hitting at LEAST a 30% profit margin on all of their products. Besides, if you have the choice between selling a high-profit product and a low-profit product, you would always choose higher profits, right?…

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Finding a Product to Sell on Amazon in 2023 – A Different Approach

finding products to sell on amazon

The most difficult part of selling on Amazon is finding a product to actually sell on the platform. If you look at Amazon holistically, it’s so daunting and overwhelming that most quit before they can even start. This also applies to existing sellers who are looking to expand their product catalogs. On top of that,…

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Suspended Amazon Seller Account: 3-Step Guide to Reactivation

suspended amazon seller account guide

Being faced with potential Amazon Seller account suspension is one of the worst experiences a seller can have. If you are facing a potential account suspension or have your account already suspended, we’ve created a quick 3-step guide to help you get your account back in Amazon’s good graces. Step 1 – Stop and Assess…

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Amazon FBA Selling Fees: Complete Guide (2023)

amazon selling fees guide

If you’re selling on Amazon, it’s good to be aware of how much they’re going to charge you and how they’re going to charge you so you can make sure you’re getting a positive ROI. Amazon fees can creep in everywhere, and over time they eat away at your balance until it hits payday and…

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