Winning eCommerce Holiday Marketing Strategies to Boost Sales

autumn sale discount concept shopping cart fallen colored leaves

In 2022, eCommerce holiday marketing will need to be more adaptable than ever to capture greater market share. As customers now expect highly contextual and relevant brand interactions, upgrading your company’s analytics tools and marketing strategies is a necessity. With a sophisticated funding method, you can quickly upgrade your year-end marketing strategy to meet your…

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Black Friday eCommerce Ideas for 2022

woman wanting buy something on black friday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have forever changed the end-of-year marketing and retail strategy landscapes. Further, Black Friday has gone global, and a clear majority (60%) of Amazon Prime members across several continents participated in Amazon Prime Day in 2020. Many European countries, in particular, are firmly on the Black Friday bandwagon, with 2021 Black…

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How to Address Inventory Shortfalls Leading into The Holiday Season

Inventory Shortfalls

Even in the best of times, inventory management can be challenging. How do you decide what to order or how much to order? How do you manage your inventory? And all while running your other retail businesses and keeping your consumers happy? The task becomes considerably more difficult during the holiday season. Retailers sometimes struggle…

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Common eCommerce Shipping Problems and How to Solve Them

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Shipping of online purchases has come a long way since the first days of eCommerce. But as the market grows, shoppers’ expectations around service follow suit. Customers expect relatively quick delivery. Unfortunately, several eCommerce shipping problems hinder store owners from meeting these expectations. Many consumers embraced online shopping during the pandemic, and even as things…

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How to Choose a Shipping Solution for Your Ecommerce Store

young woman delivering packages to a client

Shipping in eCommerce refers to the process of transporting items purchased online from the eCommerce retailer to the destination stated by the customer. It encompasses all services involved, from receiving an order to delivering that order to the customer’s doorstep. An eCommerce business with a solid shipping strategy to meet consumer demand can draw a…

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How Supply Chain Management Impacts Profitability in eCommerce?

workers holding clipboard his doing inventory management packaging boxes storage shipping warehouse

Though it’s always been important for businesses to have the funds necessary to respond wisely to changes in their supply chain, the need to do so has sharpened in recent times. As a result, both physical and digital storefront owners are finding out that having working capital on hand to pivot according to supply-chain shifts…

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Does Revenue-Based Financing Make Sense for Your eCom Business?

product package boxes shopping bag cart

Revenue-based financing is a great addition to any capital stack and far less risky than the debt-based financing options of old. This is because financing methods that do not take revenue generation and inventory realities into account – let alone uncertain supply-chain predictions – can easily amount to tactlessly investing or stockpiling products without a…

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Dropshipping Funding: Answering Your Questions

laptop with funding concept graphic

Dropshipping refers to an order fulfillment method in which entrepreneurs run an online store and sell products without holding the inventory. It is relatively easy to start and operate and a great way to generate passive income.  Sellers don’t need to create, hold or ship any items. When a shopper places an order in your…

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How to Leverage Shopify Analytics to Grow Your Business

Shopify logo on mobile screen

Shopify is a great platform to start, grow, and manage your online store, offering robust analytics & reporting tools to give sellers insights into how they’re doing and what they could do to build their business. Data doesn’t lie, but you need to know how to understand and use the data if you want to…

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Learn The Best Tips for New Sellers on Amazon

laptop with amazon welcome logo

Ecommerce selling seems like an easy win, but not all vendors looking to establish themselves in the market will be successful. The majority of them who want to start an eCommerce business will face harsh circumstances with so many competitors and thin margins. Therefore, you might be interested in learning the best tips for new…

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