Prime Day Playbook: Your eCommerce Seller's Guide to Winning Big


Preparing for Prime Day? We're breaking down our proven strategies for optimizing your online store for the biggest shopping event of the year.

Prime Day isn't just another sales event – it's a gold rush for eCommerce sellers. Imagine a tidal wave of Amazon shoppers ready to snag deals. With strategic planning and the right tools, you can turn Prime Day into a profit bonanza for your business. Let’s get you equipped with everything you need to know before Amazon Prime Day 2024! We'll cover…

  • Understanding Prime Day:
    What it is, when it happens, and why it's important for sellers.
  • Prepping for Prime Day Success:
    Setting goals, managing inventory, and creating marketing campaigns.
  • Product Selection & Pricing:
    Choosing the right products to discount and setting competitive prices.
  • Marketing & Customer Engagement:
    Strategies to spread awareness, optimize listings, stand out from competitors, and leverage reviews.
  • Prime Day and Beyond:
    Gear up for Prime Day with smart financing and fulfillment, and learn how to turn those customers into 5-star fans!
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